The Neighborhood

We are a collective of 200+ artists, builders, researchers, founders, and more living within a single square mile in the heart of San Francisco.

Many of us have lived in past community houses that changed our lives. We saw how community living leads to deeper relationships and transformative growth.

But we also learned that a single community house is not for everyone.

So we’re growing into the Neighborhood: a federation of diverse houses with shared purpose, spaces, and resources.

Our goal is to create an intergenerational campus full of radical agency, inspiring people, and unplanned encounters with friends.

The Neighborhood includes:

  • 👶 Many people living alone or with family
  • 🏡 A dozen+ community houses
  • 🏛️ An epic library cafe
  • 🦾 A new makerspace
  • 🌳 Five public parks
  • 🏕️ Daily events
  • 🏘️ Pocket neighborhoods (2+ adjacent houses that share common space)

With plans for much more -- big news coming November 2022.

A sampling of residents

Arram Sabeti founded ZeroCater (YC S13), a business he grew from a spreadsheet in his living room to 150+ people. He now spends his time creating light sculpture art like the gentleman inventor he's always aspired to be.

Christina Kim is currently working to create a world with a reasonable number of paperclips at OpenAI. A loyal friend and a voracious speed reader; be aware that you're not going to have a relaxing day if Tina suggests that you "chill".

Jason Benn is a self-taught ML engineer and the first person to work full-time on the the Neighborhood. Enthusiastic, inclusive, optimistic, half-giant, and Keeper of Keys and Grounds, Jason is basically Hagrid.

Josh Albrecht is an AI researcher, CTO of Generally Intelligent, and partner at Outset Capital, an early-stage startup fund. Josh has signed the Founder’s Pledge, has two black belts, and is not too ashamed to admit he cries during movies.

Kanjun Qiu is the CEO of Generally Intelligent and moonlights as a science sociologist (with Michael Nielsen). Her laugh can be heard from multiple zip codes, and she can probably help you debug your own brain.

Michael Lai is reimagining America's broken childcare system as founder and CEO of Tinycare. He is equally excited to challenge you to a dance battle as he is to curl up with a good book.

Rose Wang is an Echoing Green Climate fellow and was cofounder and CEO of Chirps. She holds the record for World's Largest Nachos and is living proof that you can really do anything with a psychology degree.

Taylor Rogalski is a designer exploring intelligence augmentation. He thinks the attention economy is filling our brains with sludge and wishes his phone would manipulate him into achieving his goals instead.