the neighborhood

why: the neighborhood is a place where you make friends by default, like a university campus, and where we help each other find purposeful work.

how: by recruiting 1,000 ambitious, diverse nerds to our favorite square mile in central SF and optimizing for serendipity. over 50 friends moved because of this project in our first quarter.

who: builders, researchers, founders, artists, and more, from newborn babies to wizened elders. about half of us live in private homes, and the other half live in coliving communities.

whence: the neighborhood's organizers cut their teeth founding the archive, where we formed lifelong friendships and founded companies that have since raised over $680M. now we're translating what we learned into a format that's bigger, more resilient, and intergenerational.

what: a nonprofit. our goal is to create an ecosystem of 10-20 living communities, 10-20 regular communities, 5-10 third spaces, 5-10 coworking spaces, and a network of daycares and microschools. communities are in total control of their culture, governance, and recruiting, and spaces are self-sustaining businesses. we find great founders and help them start whichever part of this ecosystem is most aligned with their goals, by helping with location (we're real estate experts), up-front costs (we can help with a minimum-interest line of credit), housemates (we curate a people database), and know-how (we'll train you on best practices). so far, we've had 50 people move themselves into private homes, helped patricia and adi make their solarpunk library salon happen 6 months ahead of schedule, done absolutely nothing to help rosanne's dope AI coffeeshop exist, and are now looking to start a makerspace.

where: one square mile in the heart of san francisco. read our anti-gentrification pledge.

values: radical agency, meaningful work, thoughtfulness, definite optimism, authenticity, diversity, openness to experience, mutual care

anti-values: over-signaling, uncompromising individualism, transactional relationships, "dark triad" (narcissism, sociopathy, and machiavellianism)

why, the 10-year version: we believe that dozens of differentiated, ambitious communities on a single small campus, with family, friend, and mentors of all generations within a 5m walk, all exploring our responsibility to the world or the future we should build, would create an interdisciplinary scenius that could measurably improve the world's GDP.

"scenius"? to paraphrase brian eno, "if genius comes from your genes, scenius comes from your scene."