The Neighborhood

Our goal is to reproduce the vibes of a university campus, but for all generations.

That has three parts:

  1. Cohousing: multiple houses, owned, 2-10+ families with similar-aged kids and grandparents, knock down fences and share common spaces
  2. Coliving: one big house, rented, 8-20 bedrooms, shared kitchens
  3. A culture of progress: we host quarterly weekend unconferences

Living within walking distance of so many friends makes life serendipitous. That's why we try to concentrate our efforts to one square mile in the heart of San Francisco.

Practically speaking, we focus on these three activities:

  1. Unconferences about progress: 3x/year, these help explorers find purpose and seed a culture of agency, also they're fun
  2. Monthly cohousing meetups: so you can befriend each other: join
  3. Cohousing: we can help you and your group buy and develop property (email)

In 2022 we hosted meetups and supported new third spaces with resources and momentum. In 2023 we learned that a well-designed weekend can seed a coliving house (albeit at great expense). In 2024 we'll build a real estate business that makes realizing this vision sustainable.

The themes of our unconferences:

Other stuff we've done since picking the location in Feb '22:

We're a 501c3 generously supported by Schmidt Futures.