The Neighborhood

Let's coordinate 10-20 friendly, ambitious living communities in a single square mile, add hangout spots and a cafeteria, host quarterly retreats (with topics like climate, alignment, education, abundance policy, sci-fi, healthtech), and see what happens.

Each retreat kickstarts one new living community. There are two formats:

  1. Coliving houses: 8-20 bedroom houses with shared kitchens.
  2. Coliving villages: adjacent units for families with kids the same age where you knock down fences and have timeshares for the grandparents.

We're a 501c3 generously supported by Schmidt Futures. We know from experience that founding communities is hard, so we support leaders (with recruiting, real estate, and best practices) until they're running smoothly. Revenues will mostly come from real estate partnerships.

What we've done since picking the location in Feb '22:

We appreciate the interest, but we're (politely) declining media requests this year.